Contributors include, Judge Axi, squish1964, Emil Flaim, Shae Christy, DPS Elementary School Orchestra, Lauri Lynnxe Murphy, John Garraus and Sally Goodwin. Welcome to post 100! It's hard to believe that there now one hundred episodes of this podcast. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the show and lent there support. And a special thanks to you the listener whom I hope made you laugh, cry and get mad! Thank you and goodnight! 

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This is episode post number ninety nine. Sounds from around Denver, songs realized and not so realized, and finally escape. Or so you may think! This marks a small milestone for this podcast. We go back to July of 2006 with the first post, also the first lessons in recording, mixing and editing, just to name a few! And somewhere along the line a disciplined schdule with deadlines, a proper but loose format creating a paticular vibe and small mission. All this in combination has helped me to mature, and feel the strong saticfation of creative work. Not all ninety nine posts are perfect and there have been lapses in the schedule. You have to hang tough! Make your shot and then make the next one. What else can one do? 

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Intro by Emil Flaim he sings his song "Escarole and Beans" copyright ℗1977 Emil Flaim. We then hear from Pamona High School Soundsations "The Way I am". Then with much anticipation new to the mid seventies, an electric jazz band named the Knickerbockers...

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Viva Mexico Suite Performed by, the 1964-65 Calvin Collage Concert Band Spring Concert 1965 an insane riot afterward.

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1975-76 Pomona High School Chamber Chior. Pete Simpson and Lorie Keller, Directors

Here the Pomona High School Chamber Choir will perform: Poem for the Fourth of July - Pete Simpson

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Taken from the 1977 Denver Public Schools City Wide Elementary Spring Music Festival. Bridge Over Troubled Water performed by the City Wide Elementary School Orchestra. True conductor unknown. Be advised: Take a deep breath, they're only elementary school children! 

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Hello. This features tympani. Two extra sounds here other than The 1964-65 Calvin Collage Concert Band.

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Trombone fest....

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R. Benjamin-Tebelau and Merisa Bissinger on Patrick Marold sculpter Avian Front, wind and all...

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Bad tone cello, cheap strings. Tuning. Phone sound.

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